I-Medica Health Care Co.

A pioneer Kuwaiti company that provides professional Homecare & Medical services since 2000.

Fields of Business

Pharmaceutical Health Care

I-Medica Health Care Co has six distribution agreement with different agencies which deals with different medicines and health care products.


I-Medica Healthcare has acquired Bashaer Al-Hanan Medical Services since 2002, Professional Medical Homecare since 2005 and Prime Inn Home Medical Services in 2017.

Pharmacies sector

I-Medica Health Care Co. owns one Pharmacy under the name Chain Tadawy which located in al-Shaab Cooperative area.

Medical Consumables

I-Medica actively works on providing the best products aimed for both Civil & Government sectors.

Nursing Services, Afterbirth Services, Female Massage Therapists.

Home Care services, Nursing Services, Lab Services.
Nursing Services, Female Massage Therapists, Reflexology, Lab Services.
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