I-Medica Health Care Co.

A pioneer Kuwaiti company that provides professional Homecare & Medical services since 2000.

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Fields of Business

Pharmaceutical Health Care

I-Medica Health Care Co has six distribution agreement with different agencies which deals with different medicines and health care products.


I-Medica Healthcare has acquired Bashaer Al-Hanan Medical Services since 2002, Professional Medical Homecare since 2005 and Prime Inn Home Medical Services in 2017.

Pharmacies Sector

I-Medica Health Care Co. owns one Pharmacy under the name Chain Tadawy which located in al-Shaab Cooperative area.

Medical Consumables

I-Medica actively works on providing the best products aimed for both Civil & Government sectors.


Bashaer Al-Hanan Medical Services

Nursing Services, Afterbirth Services, Female Massage Therapists.

Professional Medical Homecare

Home Care services, Nursing Services, Lab Services.

Prime Inn Home Medical Services

Nursing Services, Female Massage Therapists, Reflexology, Lab Services.

I-Medica Health Care Co.